Full COVID Level 5 restrictions are in place from the 28th of December, 2020. All tennis activities are suspended, including coaching and those involving children, until [at least] January 31st, 2021. Hazelwood Tennis Club is closed, until the current restrictions are lifted. These measures apply to the whole of the Republic of Ireland. Please stay safe and protect each other.

Court 2 has been resurfaced, providing the club with a much needed resource. Thank you to all who contributed to fundraising efforts, and Court Care for doing such a splendid job. Hazelwood Tennis Club hosted its first Tennis Ireland recognised matches, with the 2020 Munster Summer Cup. The work continues, with court 2 lights and a clubhouse being our next goals.

The club’s lighting has been upgraded to energy-efficient LED panels, providing members with a much brighter, more uniform, longer-lasting solution. Members can now enjoy the best all-season illumination in the club’s history. Special thanks to fund-raisers, club supporters, and grant officers. Another Hazelwood Tennis Club community success story!