From the 10th of May, 2021, Ireland welcomes back doubles! Players from different households may again play side-by-side, though all COVID precautions - such as physical distancing, respiratory etiquette, no contact, and no sharing of equipment - remain firmly in place.  The full list of both new allowances and preserved precautions, for this phase, can be read here.

Court 2 has been resurfaced, providing the club with a much needed resource. Thank you to all who contributed to fundraising efforts, and Court Care for doing such a splendid job. Hazelwood Tennis Club hosted its first Tennis Ireland recognised matches, with the 2020 Munster Summer Cup. The work continues, with court 2 lights and a clubhouse being our next goals.

The club’s lighting has been upgraded to energy-efficient LED panels, providing members with a much brighter, more uniform, longer-lasting solution. Members can now enjoy the best all-season illumination in the club’s history. Special thanks to fund-raisers, club supporters, and grant officers. Another Hazelwood Tennis Club community success story!