Hazelwood club members are invited to apply for a Tennis Ireland Pin (TI Pin), required if taking part in Tennis Ireland-sanctioned tournaments. Registration is free, open to all grades, and ensures progressive, competitive opportunities year-round, across the country. If attending a grading session, it's a good idea to apply for in advance and have-to-hand your pin, on the day.

Phase 3 sees the welcome return of doubles and potential competitions. Strict safety guidelines remain in place, and members are reminded to enforce COVID-safe conduct, as detailed in COVID-19 Guidance for Tennis Players. Hazelwood Tennis Club would like to thank all our members for their continued responsible behaviour, support and patience. Stay safe and protect each other.

The club’s lighting has been upgraded to energy-efficient LED panels, providing members with a much brighter, more uniform, longer-lasting solution. Members can now enjoy the best all-season illumination in the club’s history. Special thanks to fund-raisers, club supporters, and grant officers. Another Hazelwood Tennis Club community success story!