COVID-19 Update


Hazelwood Tennis Club is recommencing access from Monday, the 18th May, 2020. All activity must subscribe to the guidelines issued by Tennis Ireland, COVID-19 Guidance for Tennis Players.

Download a copy of COVID-19 Guidance for Tennis Players here.

In order to ensure both social distancing and contact tracing, Hazelwood Tennis Club is implementing a time slot booking system. Each time slot is 1 hour and 15 minutes, with a 15 minute interval, between slots.

* Court use must be pre-booked, via text message, to 083 894 3685.

Your text should include: (A) Day    (B) Time slot    (C) Full names of ALL players


* Players should arrive and leave within their time slot. Do NOT extend your session, unless having confirmed no booking exists for the following time slot.

* No players should be on the court during the switchover interval.

* All players under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

* Only current members may use the court.

* Play is limited to singles, unless doubles partners are from the same household.

* No spectators should be present during matches.

* If any players subsequently become unwell, with COVID-19 symptoms, first contact your GP/HSE, and then please notify 083 894 3685. Confidentiality is assured.

We encourage feedback, if you have any suggestions or comments.