COVID-19 Update

Hazelwood Tennis Club joins the broader tennis community, in its welcoming a return to tennis activity. From the 29th June, phase 3 now permits doubles and potential competitions [in revised forms]. Of overriding importance is all practitioners must remain vigilant, responsible, and adhere to recommended guidelines. The revised phase 3 COVID-19 Guidance for Tennis Players can be downloaded here.

Without exception, all present at any tennis activity must:

• Continue good hand hygiene

• Enforce respiratory etiquette

• Maintain physical distancing

• Not share equipment or personal items

• Pre-book court time, and list all present - including spectators - for contact tracing

• Monitor and remind others of incorrect behaviour

The club currently uses an online court booking system, viewable only to members. Upon verification of membership, a username and password allow members to book time slots. We currently maintain a 15 minute interval between bookings, however this may be reduced in the near future, pending agreement.

* Players should arrive and leave within their time slot. Please do not extend your session, unless having confirmed no booking exists for the following time slot.

* All players under 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

* Only current members may use the court. Membership does not extend to friends.

* Both singles and doubles are currently permitted.

* Spectators are permitted, however must be listed with player names, when booking.

* If any players subsequently become unwell, with COVID-19 symptoms, first contact your GP/HSE, and then please notify 083 894 3685. Confidentiality is assured.

We encourage feedback, if you have any suggestions or comments.

Stay safe and protect each other. Thank you.