NCL 2019 Rules

 1. This competition will be confined to clubs in north Cork, for players of 17 years and over. A club may enter as many teams as it desires in each division.

2. Entry fees must accompany entry forms. Failure to do so will deem the team ineligible for entry.

3. Entries to be returned to the host club, Hazelwood Tennis Club.

4. The league will consist of four divisions:

Premier Division – Grades 2 & 3 combined (no pairing to be both Grade 2, except in super doubles, in the knockout stages).
Division 1 – Grade 4
Division 2 – Grade 5
Division 3 – Grade 6

5. Clubs should only enter teams with reasonable certainty of fixture availability.

6. Matches consist of 1 Mens Doubles, 1 Womens Doubles and 2 Mixed Doubles.

7. TEAM PANELS: Team Panels to be entered in each division. Each team should consist of 4 players: 2 men and 2 ladies. Names of substitutes for each team should also be listed. The panel may consist of up to 5 ladies and 5 men, totalling a maximum of 10. If a player who is not on the panel plays on a team, the team will be disqualified. Affiliated clubs must enter their player’s appropriate Munster grades on the entry form. Once a player plays his/her first match on a team they are not eligible to play on another team within the same division.

In the case of emergencies (i.e. injury or illness), players may be added to a panel up to three hours prior to match fixtures. These additions must be approved, by phone or in person, with the tournament host league secretary, prior to match commencement. Players listed at the commencement of play are the only ones eligible to play in that match. If, through injury on the night, a player is unable to complete a match or start a subsequent match, his/her team must concede one or both matches; which ever applies, by default. We would encourage the remaining able players to complete remaining matches where possible, irrespective of previous results.

8. Players may play only once on a higher division team. To play a further time [with a higher division] will deem them ineligible to play again with the lower division team.

9. Roster names and their team positioning must be written on the result sheet, prior to commencement of play. Play should only commence when this has been completed. Sheets must be completed prior to commencement of the final matches.

10. All league matches and semi-finals should be 2 tie break sets (if the score reaches 6-6). The team that wins the most sets is deemed the winner and awarded 3 points. Where teams are tied on sets, 1 point will be awarded to each team. In the event of a tie in the knockout stages, a mixed "super doubles" will be played. Finals will be the best of 3 tie break sets.

11. New tennis balls (Tretorn Micro X) must be used in all matches. The home team shall supply the tennis balls. It is recommended that home teams also provide refreshments.

12. Results must be signed by both captains and returned to the league secretary, by the winning captain (or home captain in the event of a draw), within 48 hours. Failure to submit the score sheet on time may result in one point being deducted from the team's score for each late score sheet. A legible photo (i.e. not text, to safeguard against typographic errors) of the result sheet should be submitted by text, email or post, to the host club.

13. Where there is one group in a division, the top 2 teams go through to the final. Where there are 2 groups in a division, the top 2 teams in each group go through to the semi-finals, where the winner of Group A plays the runner up in Group B. The winner of each group will have home advantage.

14. If teams have equal points, the team with the greater number of sets won will be deemed the winner. In the case of a further draw, games will be counted and the team with the greatest game difference will be the winner. In the case of a further draw, the score from the original game will count. If the teams still cannot be separated, a play-off will take place.

15. Premier Division matches will be affixed Thursday nights; Division 1, Friday nights; Division 2, Saturday nights; Division 3, Sunday nights. Games must be played on or before those nights, in the order specified on the fixture date list. Where an agreement cannot be reached, games will be played on the designated night. All games must be played in the order they are drawn.

16. Games which have to be temporarily interrupted, e.g. due to weather, should continue from the score when stopped, upon recommencement. If due to bad weather before or during the course of a night's play, a postponement or deferral is requested by one team, it can only be granted by agreement of both team captains. Failing agreement by the opposing team captain, the match must continue. It is intended that common sense would prevail and that no one would be asked to play in dangerous conditions. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the remaining games being conceded by the defaulting team.

The team names in the original team must play in the deferred games. Under no circumstances will substitutes be allowed. Team captains will have to ensure that any players involved in a situation of this type will be available for the rearranged date. If this is not possible, the game should continue on the original night. Postponed matches must be played prior to the next scheduled match.

17. In the case of an objection before a particular match, or before a night's play commences, the objection should be written out and signed by both team captains. Matches should then be played. The league committee will then decide on the validity of any objection, regardless of the match's outcome, and decide on what appropriate action should be taken. The objecting team captain must forward this written objection to the league secretary, as per rule 20.

18. Any team failing to turn up for a game without notice of half an hour, after the agreed time of match commencement, shall be assumed to have conceded a walkover. If this occurs a second time, the said team shall be disqualified and all their scores cancelled.

19. Any objections, which a team or club may have in relation to the league or its running, must be submitted to the league secretary within 48 hours of the objection being raised. Failure to comply may result in the objection being overruled.

20. It is the responsibility of each club secretary to ensure team captains are familiar with league rules, relevant contacts and score sheets. Ignorance of the agreed rules will not be sufficient defence in instances of them being breached.

21. No player may play in the league for more than one club, during the course of any individual campaign.

22. Players that won in any division of last year’s North Cork League will be automatically upgraded to the next higher division. Premier Division players are excluded from this rule. A player may appeal this to the grading committee. Players who have been upgraded may be entitled to appeal their return to a lower division. After two years, however, the player is required to have played in the higher division of the North Cork League at least once and the final decision will be at the discretion of the organising committee.

23. In the event of any dispute (e.g. match dates, player grading) the decision of the organising committee shall be final.

24. There are to be fixed dates for semi-finals and finals. These dates will be decided by the host club.

25. The organising committee is deemed to be the committee [or person] who is organising the league, on behalf of the host club. The committee or person running the league, on behalf of the host club, has final ruling in the running of the league. This role must be respected by all taking part. The host club is rotated around participating north Cork tennis clubs, in alphabetical order. The forthcoming host club shall host a meeting at the end of the league or prior to commencement of the upcoming league, and invite all clubs involved. Matters for discussion at this meeting will be amended to existing rules or improvements for the next year.

26. Grading Committee: The Grading Committee shall consist of three members. One member from the previous host club, one member from the current host club and one member from the forthcoming host club i.e. in 2019, Dromahane, Hazelwood and ???????.

27. The 2019 Munster grading lists will be the grading system consulted and the Grading Committee shall have the final say. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that their players do not play in a division below their 2019 Munster grade. Particularly, if a player has gained enough points to be upgraded, they should play in the new grade, accordingly. Failure to comply with this rule will render a team liable for disqualification. For players who do not have a Munster grade, the Grading Committee can designate a grade, on advice from their respective clubs.

28. Teams from the same club, if drawn in the same group, in the same competition, must meet in the first round.

29. If an unresolved dispute occurs during a game, over a call on a particular point, players may take two. All players taking part in the North Cork Tennis League are charged with upholding the highest standards or fair play, honesty, good sportsmanship and cordial behaviour, at all times. Failure to comply will incur a verbal warning; repeated offences may result in forfeiture of a match and/or exclusion from the league.



North Cork League 2019.